How To Prep and Apply Press On Nails In 5 Easy Steps

How to prep and apply press on nails in 5 easy steps. With this tutorial you'll find out how to easy it is to prep and apply your press on nails in just five simple steps. We'll guide you step by step to help avoid any confusion or mistakes when it comes to applying your press on nails.

Watch our youtube video if you prefer to watch this tutorial instead of reading it.

Step 1. Cut or File Your Natural Nails To Short Size

Cut or file your natural nails down to the short size of your choosing.

Step 2. Push Back Your Cuticles

Push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick to make sure you can apply press on nails correctly.

Step 3. Gently Buff Your Nails

Gently buff your nail bed to remove any excess nail oil and to allow press on nails to stick easily to your nail bed.

Step 4. Clean Your Nails With Alcohol Pads

Remove any debris left over from buffing your nails with an alcohol pad to make sure the nail is as clean as possible before you apply your press on nails.

Step 5. Apply Glue To Natural Nail and Apply Your Press On Nails

Finally, apply nail glue to your full natural nail bed and apply your press on nails by gently holding down the press on nails against your natural nails for about 10 seconds.


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