About us

Hi my name is Maritza and I am the creator of Bellamour Beauty, I have been obsessed with acrylics since I was a little girl, I remember creating them out of play-doh since I wasn’t allowed to wear them until I was 16. Since then I have gotten acrylics and it become such a priority in my life, I couldn’t be without them because I felt insecure of my natural nails being so ugly and damaged. During the Corona Virus pandemic all the nail shops closed so I was desperate & this is when I started to create my personal press on nails. I then realized all the benefits of press ons. Not only is there no acrylic or any other harmful chemicals touching my nail beds but the LED/UV light isn’t putting me at risk for any long term effects. This is when I decided to create Bellamour’s press on nails, I wanted everyone else to also have this option of a affordable, safer for your nails and luxury quality nail sets. Apart from better health benefits what I also the love the most about press ons is that they are reusable. If it’s from only wanting them for a fast last minute outing, job interview, event or a full lasting 2+ weeks, you have full control of your nail wear and style. Apart from my catalog I also offer custom sets made directly to your likings. All nails are handmade, hand painted and made sure to be durable by me personally to insure that you are happy with your order.